"Robert's quick prototypes rescued my start-up from wasting thousands of hours building the wrong business models."
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Hey, I'm Robert Mion. My Top-5 Real Skills are:

  1. Persuade using observation, consideration and storytelling
  2. Learn willingly and with others by admitting what I don’t know
  3. Empower quieter voices using unbiased moderation
  4. Achieve shared understanding by rapidly prototyping important ideas
  5. Spread knowledge using respect, metaphor and the principles of accessibility
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10+ years in Energy, Fintech, Govtech, Healthcare, Retail & SaaS

Gracious words from remarkable people

You made me look so educated. I mean, I gave you all the credit, but it was so great to be able to properly set expectations on the front end instead of fumbling around in the middle (which is how I felt with the previous project's site before I had you)
Robert created a brand and a 'look' for my business that has met with rave reviews by clients and staff. Clients love the website, the business cards, the colors, everything that Robert designed. Robert's fresh eye, creativity, technical savvy and unswerving attention to detail are simply remarkable.
Robert, you have done excellent work for my company. You have been quick to respond, thoughtful in your output, and reasonable in costs. I will continue to use your services and recommend you to my colleagues.
Overall, Robert proved to be consistently thorough and communicative, and it was clear he genuinely cared about and enjoyed teaching. He was also direct and straightforward, friendly but focused on the issue at hand, and these are qualities I see as hugely beneficial.
Robert brought in his multi facet experience as designer, developer and decision maker to help me to concentrate not just on Java Script but also on how to build a strategy and to get ready to a new career in tech.
Where Robert shined was in helping me break inertia. He was able to quickly create something which immediately helped me define what I wanted (and what I didn't want). The value in that was absolutely fantastic.
His talent to teach me with endless patience, willingness and helpfulness is stellar. I was much more able to learn from him than learning from other means (i.e. online videos, articles, or even family).
I implemented every single suggestion and with his guidance, I landed a paid UX internship that evolved into a full-time UX Researcher role.
He brought a multitude of fresh ideas and a can-do attitude. He has a great eye for design and is definitely an asset to any team.
Without Robert's help and guidance, I would not be as confident with my new direction in back-end development.
Robert consistently impresses me with his attention to detail and ability to thoroughly analyze every aspect of whatever UX he is presented to identify areas for improvement.
Before Robert's mentoring, I was a beginner-level JavaScript developer, at best. Today, I have JavaScript skills that improved so much that I am getting offers from potential employers!
Robert is very good with people and has the ability to maximize their potential. He is a highly focused person as well as analytical for giving advice. The collaboration was very smooth and his assistance definitely made a huge impact on my career.
I feel confident that anytime I approach Robert with a question or a problem, I can always expect a succinct, honest, and thorough answer.
Thanks to you, I was able to create a project that has the potential to help others in the world. I appreciate the work and time you were able to volunteer for me and be understandable when I had my personal issues. You are an inspiring person who motivated me along the way, something I had never experienced in a long time.
I think I've learned more about API calls in the last few weeks than I did my whole bootcamp. Many thanks to you for that!

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