Amy teaches her subjects to understand and manage their finances

Tucson Money Coach
Provide added value to tax clients in the form of money coaching

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Since 2013, I have helped Amy gain new clients thru a website marketing her main occupation as an Enrolled Agent. In the Fall of 2016, Amy requested my help in marketing her new business venture: Money Coach.

She sent me her elevator pitch, a short document with content for a simple website, and one requirement: avoid sports metaphors because her primary clients would be women.

I set about creating a dead-simple logo (with a clever deeper meaning) and a single-page inclusive website designed to get visitors talking to Amy as quickly and easily as possible.

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Approved logo
Logo - three horizontal bars are meant to indicate a bar chart; the longest bar being 'money'

Marketing collateral

Front and backs of business cards
Business card
Letterhead and envelope
Rack card


One of many similar sections of content
One of many similar sections of content: headline, valuable information, quote from Amy, call to action
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Contact form with only two questions.