Carl wanted a better checkout experience for his prospective customers

Design a new checkout page that more effectively guided prospective customers toward success

Redesigned netsanity checkout page

Carl issued me a test: update the visual design of his service's checkout page so that prospective customers no longer abandoned the site mid-checkout; the kicker: the new page needed to be live before the end of the week.

After the equivalent of one full day's work, I presented a reimagined experience leveraging foundational principles of inclusive design. Carl and his team were impressed, his developer was setup for success, and I was confident the new form would serve his customers much better.

Visit the new checkout page

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Project samples

Old checkout page

Old checkout page - step 1 of 3 Old checkout page - step 2 of 3 Old checkout page - step 3 of 3
Old checkout page: a multi-page form

Sketches for page redesign

Sketch comparing existing form content to inspirational website's form content Written outline of proposed new form content Sketch proposing rough interface of new form content
Paper sketches outlining existing and new form content and interface

High-fidelity designs

Screenshot of entire redesigned checkout page
Widescreen view: redesigned checkout page
Comparison of form field states Comparison of phone number field states Linear flow of single-input credit card field
(top to bottom): Indicating various form field states; Indicating how to present phone number input field; Indicating linear flow of single-input credit card field