Dan, Sean and Todd turned students into sales managers

Capital Connect
Reframe home security as a highly affordable luxury service

Security sign posted in front of home

Dan, Todd and Sean rescued me from a toxic work environment to help them recruit and empower dedicated, moldable salespeople. In support of their mission, I made it my objective to streamline, automate and foolproof recruitment on-boarding so everyone could focus on selling a safer, more convenient way to live.

Services provided

Project samples

Recruitment collateral

Three recruitment posters for 2013 summer season Three recruitment posters for 2013 summer season
2013 posters
Recruitment website as shown on several devices
Website - Responsive design
Recruitment brochure - outside Recruitment brochure - inside
Recruitment fliers

Customer-facing collateral

New customer welcome packet cover
Cover - Welcome folder
Security package tier icons
Icons for tiered security packages
Sales sheet advertising main system Sales sheet advertising all products Sales sheet advertising lower-tier packages Sales sheet advertising upper-tier packages
Sales sheets
Complimentary window stickers Complimentary yard signs
Window sticker and yard sign for homeowners
Sales manager badge and business card
Sales manager badge and business card


Comparison of old and new Capital Connect logos
Old and new logo