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Sales pitch

Brand identity

The approved logo is designed to be evocative of a Tucson, AZ sunset. The three colors correspond to each of the three original employees. The subtle plus signs atop each 't' refer to the notion of financial aid. The stacked effect refers to the lined items seen in many tax forms and accounting in general.

The tagline is intended to call clever attention the subtle plus signs in the logo and highlight the value offered: quick, quality financial services.

Referenced earlier, each of the original three employees was assigned one of the three colors from the logo. The colored bar along the edge would become a staple of the brand and website.

The colored bar is especially effective on the envelope as a way to distinguish it from other mail slot items.

Brochures like this featured many - if not all - elements of the brand.

These notecards showcase a common brand pattern of using the form of the logo as a constraint when writing copy for covers of printed material - three lines, each one less than three or four words.


This portion of the homepage - often deemed 'above the fold' - intentionally includes the most popular and important actions performed by new and returning customers: button to make an appointment, buttons to access the customer portal, and a button to pay an invoice.

Color is used consistently to avoid usability issues. Purple is used only for headingst. Red is used for primary calls to action. Orange is used for secondary calls to action. Blue, underlined text is used for general links. Dark gray connotes non-interactive text.

Top-level pages like this serve as introductions to - and directories for - a list of related topic pages.

Any page that could be considered a dead-end was given special attention to combat that exact issue. Relevant links are presented for further reading. If the visitor is ready to make an appointment, they are encouraged to do so. If not, they are encouraged to continue browsing the website.

Several fillable PDF tax organizers were designed. They were intended to help the team and their clients come prepared to an appointment and stay organized post-appointment.

In the years since they were created, the tax organizers have gone far beyond achieving their original intent, and are used extensively by the team and their clients.

This map was designed and placed at the bottom of each website page and several key printed assets. It is designed to guide customers to Tucson Tax Team's office via one of two routes. It, like every other asset, uses the brand to its full potential

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Desired outcome

Mona needed an identity for her new business and a website that prospective customers would find faster and trust more than her more established local competitors.

Services provided

Software toolbox

Robert Mion is a designer, instructor, organizer and developer.

Photo of Robert speaking at a meetup in Charlotte, NC
He has created and improved user interfaces, websites and applications, and brand identities for companies in financial services, retail, security and technology industries.
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