When networking, I want the person I just met to remember me days - possibly weeks - later. So I made a puzzle that works everytime.

Case study of my business card

The card looks like a search field. The sentence, when read aloud, sound like, "put me on your team".

When I hand my card to someone, I tell them, "...and now you know how to say my last name". This triggers them to give my card a second glance where, more often than not, they attempt to find and solve a riddle I just implied was there. Some are faster than others, but eventually every person smiles the same way: like they just discovered how a magician performs his trick.

Desired outcome

Use human psychology to create a self-discovered, teachable moment

Robert Mion is a designer, instructor, organizer and developer.

Photo of Robert speaking at a meetup in Charlotte, NC
He has created and improved user interfaces, websites and applications, and brand identities for companies in financial services, retail, security and technology industries.
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