Hire Robert to make your customers feel welcomed, empowered, safer and delighted.

I am a designer with an entrepreneur's mindset, a developer's skillset, a copywriter's vocabulary, and a marketer's intuition.

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  1. Products Robert has helped create
  2. Roles Robert has (un)officially held
  3. Design tools Robert has used
  4. Languages and standards Robert uses to build accessible web applications
  5. How Robert learns new skills
  6. Questions Robert will ask in his interview
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What are some things Robert has helped create?

What are the roles Robert has (un)officially held?

What design tools has Robert used?

Rapid mobile and web prototyping

Scalable vector graphic creation

Photo editing

Document layout

What does Robert use to build accessible web applications?

How does Robert learn new skills? By teaching others.

Interaction design software for code-averse designers

CSS level 4 layout modules for front-end developers

Game design for UX Designers

What questions will Robert ask in his interview?

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