Case study of Crown Town Compost

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Why this app? Two perspectives

As a customer who is either new to town or feels I pay a lot for the service, I want more value for what I pay, so that I remain a customer and refer others to the service.

As a product owner, I want a product that both serves my residential customers better and attracts more commercial customers, so that I can grow my company faster.

The hypothesis: offer customers perks

Perks are deals that commercial customers may offer exclusively to Crown Town Compost customers when they shop in their store. Perks can only be redeemed through this new app. Customers would use a Google Maps-like interface to discover businesses and their respective perks. Therefore, partnering with Crown Town Compost means joining an accessible and attractive network of likeminded businesses.

Early ideas, sketches and wireframes

Several iterations

The latest, most successful prototype

A series of onboarding screens welcomes and educates anyone referred by friends who may not know anything about Crown Town's services or the app.

The shining capability of this app: a way to discover new places in Charlotte and incentivize customers to shop there...or non-customers to create an account with Crown Town to start composting and access these perks.

This screen is designed to make it easy to tell followers, friends or family about Crown Town's services and customer perks.

A key capability is to let customers update or verify their memberships. Since prospective customers will likely be using this app, we made it easy to get a bucket and pick a plan.

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Desired outcome

Kris had two goals, and one idea to accomplish both: an app that offered customers perks reedemable at partnering businesses. It would make Kris's sales pitch to potential commercial customers more lucrative. And it would help justify the current and future price tag for Crown Town's weekly food waste collection service.

Services provided

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Robert Mion is a designer, instructor, organizer and developer.

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